Combining work from several sources can give you income, freedom, and opportunities that exceed the old model of the salaried position

man sitting at keyboard with an open notebook and pen beside him
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I have a portfolio career. I have developed this career steadily over the course of more than a decade. Over this period my work has developed from side hustles and freelancing into a proper career, one with purpose, direction, and development opportunities. This career allows me the flexibility and variety…

Leadership Unlocked

Use this framework to put decision-making theory into practice

A photo of the author next to a helicopter in Bosnia.
At work in Bosnia. Photo courtesy of the author.

I was savouring a coffee from my new coffee maker when a wide-eyed and breathless soldier stumbled into my makeshift office. My cup was poised in my hand — the aroma was fantastic — and the thought of drinking it was more alluring than anything I could imagine that this…

Simon climbing a mountain
Simon in his natural element

A short bio of Simon Ash

Hi and welcome!

Let me introduce myself. Let’s start with the two most common questions people ask someone when meeting someone for the first time. Usually these are:

‘What is your name?’ and ‘what do you do?’

So, let me answer these in turn:

Who am I?

My name is Simon Ash. …

Leadership Unlocked

How to identify, categorise and solve problems using the Cynefin decision-making framework

a chaotic pattern and understanding complexity
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Have you ever had a problem that, it trying to solve it, you have made it worse?

You thought you could fix that device, but it stayed broken. Or you stepped into an argument when the resolution seemed obvious, but your intervention just created further hostility. Or perhaps you were…

The Right Questions Newsletter

And hello to Jason Isaacs!

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Hope you have had a great week. Here are the four things I wanted to share with you this Friday.

What I am writing about

This week I have been writing about something very close to my heart — how our values impact our decision making. Understanding the principles and beliefs that inform our behaviours…

Leadership Unlocked

If you want to make better choices, understand your personal values

A compass in the hand; values based decision-making
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What is the most important decision you have ever made? It might have been choosing your romantic partner, selecting your school, or deciding upon your career. How did you make that decision? Whatever process you applied — consciously or otherwise — to your choice, that decision was informed by your…

Simon Ash

Top Writer in Leadership. Columnist for Better Humans. Lover of adventure. Fascinated by questions and decision making.

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