Combining work from several sources can give you income, freedom, and opportunities that exceed the old model of the salaried position

man sitting at keyboard with an open notebook and pen beside him
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I have a portfolio career. I have developed this career steadily over the course of more than a decade. Over this period my work has developed from side hustles and freelancing into a proper career, one with purpose, direction, and development opportunities. This career allows me the flexibility and variety…

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Use this framework to put decision-making theory into practice

A photo of the author next to a helicopter in Bosnia.
At work in Bosnia. Photo courtesy of the author.

I was savouring a coffee from my new coffee maker when a wide-eyed and breathless soldier stumbled into my makeshift office. My cup was poised in my hand — the aroma was fantastic — and the thought of drinking it was more alluring than anything I could imagine that this…

Simon climbing a mountain
Simon in his natural element

A short bio of Simon Ash

Hi and welcome!

Let me introduce myself. Let’s start with the two most common questions people ask someone when meeting someone for the first time. Usually these are:

‘What is your name?’ and ‘what do you do?’

So, let me answer these in turn:

Who am I?

My name is Simon Ash. …

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10 steps to help you make the right choices

Woman with a notebook, thinking about a decision.
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I have been fascinated by the art and science of decision-making ever since being trained as a bomb disposal officer, back at the beginning of my career. Since then, I have worked in various sectors and in numerous senior management roles. I have learned that the need to make good…

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These models really helped me develop as a leader and they can also help you

A path through trees in the fall
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I know what you are thinking: leadership theory, surely that is dull and largely irrelevant? Believe me, I understand! …

A boy writing
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A 12-year-old’s experience of the COVID vaccination, the side effects, his mental health, and what he did about it

A few days ago, my son had his first COVID vaccination. As with many parents, we were in two minds about whether he should have the jab but overall, we thought it was the best decision, as per UK government and medical advice. His reaction to the injection was not…

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Being an authentic leader is about more than just being true to yourself

Author standing atop a mountain in Greenland
A mountain peak in Greenland — Image by the author

I stopped and stared at the footprint. It was about the size of a dinner plate and as far as I was concerned it was not supposed to be there. Unfortunately, no matter how long I stared at it, the print would not disappear from the otherwise pristine snow. It…

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Why managers should aim to ascend from transactional to transformational leadership

Hands raised in a crowd in front of a stage
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What is the hardest leadership role you have ever fulfilled? When people hear that I was a bomb disposal officer and have done multiple operational tours they naturally assume that it was in some warzone where my leadership was most tested. My leadership was certainly tested in these environments. I…

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When to use the carrot-and-stick approach to management

Meeting between man and woman managers
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It was turning into my worst ever Monday morning. Certainly, my worst as a project manager and probably the most miserable meeting I had endured as a leader in any context.

When meetings go wrong

I was struggling to stay focused. The meeting was a disaster, playing out like a waking nightmare to my…

A father and son walking together
Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

The pain of separation and the bittersweet uncertainty of reunion

The sun danced among the ripples of the River Thames as I crossed Chelsea Bridge. But my eyes did not register the stunning view of London. My gaze was fixed inward, thinking about my 14-month-old son. I was on the way to meet him, with my wife, in Battersea Zoo.

The absence

Simon Ash

Top Writer in Leadership. Lover of adventure. Fascinated by questions and decision making.

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